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[audio]Nano nano -- Groks Science Show 09-10-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Bulk carbon comes in many different forms from pencil lead to diamonds. At the nanoscopic level, the properties become even more exotic. On this program, Hari Manoharan talks about what happens when nanostructures of carbon are combined.
Keywords: buckyballs; carbon; graphene; diamonds; nanotechnology; diodes; LED
Downloads: 1,102
[audio]Nanotechnology -- Groks Science Show 2003-08-06 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Advances in manipulating materials on the nano-scale is beginning to yield promising results. The current state of the field was discussed on this show.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 3,357
[audio]Nanotechnology -- Groks Science Show 2005-09-21 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Nanotechnology innovations have the potential to revolutionize daily living. But, separating the science from the science fiction is a challenge both for scientists and investors. On this program, Dr. Matthew Laudon and Darrell Brookstein discussed the promise of nanotechnology.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 3,938
[audio]Napoleonic Science -- Groks Science Show 2008-03-26 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The exploration of Egypt and the middle east remained largely unknown to European scientists until 1798. At that time, a group of scientists, engineers, and artists began exploring the region under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte. On this program, Nina Burleigh discussed Napoleon, his scientists, and the exploration of Egypt.
Keywords: science; Napoleon; Egyptology
Downloads: 5,733
[audio]NASCAR Energy -- Groks Science Show 2008-06-04 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Developing clean energy is a major challenge for both policy makers and scientists. On this program, Dr. Lester Brown discussed clean energy technology. In addition, Prof. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky discussed the physics of NASCAR.
Keywords: science; NASCAR; physics; clean energy
Downloads: 3,927
[audio]Natural Philosophy -- Groks Science Show 2010-04-28 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Scientific theories often assume that all scientific principles can be eventually unified. But, is this true? On this program, Marcelo Gleiser discussed a Tear at the Edge of Creation.
Keywords: science; cosmology; physics; string theory; biology; philosophy; groks
Downloads: 3,938
[audio]Nature or Nurture -- Groks Science Show 2010-10-27 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
What is in a name? How are our behaviors and outcomes determined? Does nature or nurture play the biggest role? On this program, Wes Moore discussed the Other Wes Moore with guest host Mario.
Keywords: science; sociology; society; nurture; nature; groks
Downloads: 3,237
[audio]NBO -- Groks Science Show 2010-01-13 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Negative Body Obsession, or NBO, can adversely affect the quality of life. However, overcoming NBO is possible with the correct approach. On this program, Sarah Maria discussed the methods for dealing with NBO.
Keywords: science; groks; NBO; body; obsession; psychology
Downloads: 2,423
[audio]Negotiation -- Groks Science Show 2008-05-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Effective negotiation is a skill that is necessary for resolving conflict peacefully, but the strategies and practices of negotiation are often not properly taught. On this program, William Ury discussed the power of a positive negotiation.
Keywords: science; negotiation
Downloads: 4,565
[audio]Nerve Endings -- Groks Science Show 2005-11-30 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The brain is composed of millions of neurons that are connected at specialized structures called synapses. The discovery of the synapse by Ramon y Cajal won him the Nobel Prize, but not without a contentious debate from another Nobel laureate, Camillo Golgi. On this program, Dr. Richard Rapport discussed the discovery of the nerve endings.
Keywords: science; neurobiology
Downloads: 5,519
[audio]Net Metering -- Groks Science Show 2009-09-23 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Energy produced using solar technology can be credited to the consumer under new net metering policies. On this program, Tom Djokovich discussed solar energy technology and net metering.
Keywords: science; technology; net metering; solar energy; alternative energy; groks
Downloads: 4,247
[audio]Neural Populations -- Groks Science Show 2011-05-11 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Classical studies of the brain have relied on recording from single neurons at one time. However, understanding the interactions of multiple neurons requires different approaches. On this program, Konrad Kording discussed recording from multiple neurons in the brain.
Keywords: science; neuroscience; biology; technology; groks
Downloads: 3,067
[audio]Neural Stem Cells -- Groks Science Show 2002-05-29 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Stem cells are progenitor cells that give rise to mature cell types. In the nervous system, adult neural stem cells give rise to new nerve cells in the brain. This show featured an interview discussing current research on adult neurogenesis.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 246
[audio]Neutrino Hunters- Groks Science Show 2014-02-12
Trillions of subatomic particles called neutrinos are zipping through our bodies every second of every day. If that gave you goosebumps, don't worry because they're very shy and rarely interact with other matter- a property that makes them difficult to detect. Astrophysicist Dr. Ray Jayawardhana joins us today to discuss the hunt for neutrinos, the elusive elementary particle that brings news from distant stars and can help us understand the nature of antimatter...
Keywords: Groks; neutrinos; Jayawardhana; groks science show; particle physics
Downloads: 497
[audio]Neutrinos -- Groks Science Show 2002-06-19 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Neutrinos are particles in nature which were until recently thought to have no mass. Recent discoveries however have shown that these particles do indeed have mass. The implication of these and other discoveries were discussed.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 444
[audio]New Cool -- Groks Science Show 2011-03-16 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The FIRST competition brings together students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. On this program, Neal Bascomb profiles one such team in the New Cool.
Keywords: science; robotics; FIRST; education; engineering; technology; groks
Downloads: 2,777
[audio]New Year Fitness -- Groks Science Show 2005-01-12 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
New year's resolutions will come and go, but with the right motivation they can be fully realized. On this program, former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, George Foreman, discussed how to meet fitness goals.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 6,634
[audio]Nitric Oxide -- Groks Science Show 2005-03-30 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
While nitric oxide may be infamously known for mediating erections, its role in the health of the heart has not been widely publicized. On this show, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Louis Ignarro, discussed these effects of nitric oxide.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 3,580
[audio]Nitric Oxide Disease -- Groks Science Show 2008-08-29 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Nitric oxide is a ubiquitous molecule in the body that is involved in several important physiological processes. However, diseases may arise when the regulation of nitric oxide is disrupted. On this program, Prof. Martin Pall from Washington State University discussed the role of nitric oxide in disease.
Keywords: science; nitric oxide
Downloads: 6,643
[audio]NMR Technology -- Groks Science Show 2002-03-20 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Nuclear magnetic resonance is a physical technique that has allowed scientist to deduce everything from the structure of molecules to the structure of the brain. How does this technology work? This show featured a discussion on the science and applications of NMR technology.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 374
[audio]Nobel Prizes 2002 -- Groks Science Show 2002-10-09 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Nobel Prizes are awarded every year for exceptional achievement in numerous fields of human endeavor. This show featured interviews discussing the implications of the recent prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and Medicine or Physiology.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 179
[audio]Nobel Prizes 2003 -- Groks Science Show 2003-10-08 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Nobel Prizes were awarded again this year, and with it some controversies. On this program, we discussed the recent prizes in physics, chemistry, and medicine and physiology.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 2,847
[audio]Nobel Prizes 2004 -- Groks Science Show 2004-10-06 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Special coverage of the 2004 Nobel Prize Awards in Medicine or Physiology, Physics, and Chemistry.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 3,630
[audio]Nobel Prizes 2005 -- Groks Science Show 2005-10-05 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Nobel Prizes 2005. Professor Barney Grubbs discussed his father winning the Chemistry Prize. Professor Yuen-Ron Shen discussed the Physics Prize. And, Mary Miller joined us to to talk about the Nobel Prize Exhibit on display at the Exploratorium.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 3,814
[audio]Nobel Prizes 2006 -- Groks Science Show 2006-10-04 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
What better way is there to celebrate the Big Bang than with a Nobel Prize. On this week's program, Prof. Alex Filipenko commented on the 2006 prize in physics. Prof. Caroline Kane also joined us to discuss this year's chemistry prize. Finally, Nobel Laureate Prof. Peter Doherty talked about what it takes to get one.
Keywords: science; Nobel prize; chemistry; physics
Downloads: 4,126
[audio]Now And Then, Here and There: Editing - Jason Scott
Presentation by Jason Scott at Notacon 5 in Cleveland, OH. Now and Then, Here and There: Editing. Starting from the story of hitting a coyote, Jason Scott describes the nature of editing, our growing roles as editors of our own lives and content, and the future directions editing can take. Hints about the process are given, as well as a number of anecdotes related to Jason's own projects.
Keywords: editing; documentary; Jason Scott; Notacon
Downloads: 2,625 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Nuclear Chemistry -- Groks Science Show 2005-12-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Is nuclear chemistry an oxymoron? On this program, Dr. Cynthia Gong described this little-known but important field of science and discussed Deinococcus radioduran, one of the most radiation resistant lifeforms known.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 4,264
[audio]Nuclear Renewables -- Groks Science Show 2008-05-07 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The current peak oil crisis has intensified the search for renewable energy sources. One possible option is nuclear power. On this program, William Sweet discussed kicking the carbon habit.
Keywords: science; renewable energy; nuclear power
Downloads: 4,409
[audio]Number Theory -- Groks Science Show 2010-07-07 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
What is the basis for the common numerical counting systems found in mathematics? And, how do these vary across the globe? On this program, Alex Bellos discussed number theory.
Keywords: science; math; euclid; numbers; groks
Downloads: 4,050
[audio]Numbers Game -- Groks Science Show 2009-02-18 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Large numbers and statistics constantly bombard us in the news, but putting those numbers into context is essential for understanding their real meaning. On this program, Andrew Dilnot from Oxford University discussed the numbers game.
Keywords: science; mathematics; numbers; statistics
Downloads: 5,362
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